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Several shareholders, located in Chang Le city, Fujian province, China. Separated into four sections. Providing the following four major products:
1. Piston Ring for Automotive & Motorcycle
2. Piston for Automotive & Motorcycle
3. Piston Pin for Automotive & Motorcycle, Crank Pin for Motorcycle
4. Connecting Rod kit for Motorcycle

There is almost 1,000 employees form China & more than ten managers & technical consultants from Taiwan. Piston Ring Factory (1st Plant) has three production lines, monthly capacity: 1~1.5 million rings, Piston Factory (2nd Plant) has eighteen production lines, eight lines for motorcycle pistons, five lines for gasoline automotive pistons, three lines for diesel automotive pistons.

Monthly capacity: motorcycle pistons 0.30~0.45 million pcs, gasoline automotive pistons 0.05~0.10 million pcs, diesel automotive pistons 10~20 thousand pcs. The max diameter of piston is 200mm. Pin Factory (3rd Plant) has three production lines & fully heat-treatment equipments (rectangle Case type & conveyor type), monthly capacity: 0.60 million pcs.

Not only supply the assembly of our piston & connecting rod plants, also export to the other company & enterprise. Connecting Rod Factory (6th Plant) with three production lines, monthly capacity: 0.10~0.13 million kits, besides the supply for China OE & Repair market, also exporting abroad.